Creating a Company User

The account administrator can create new users in SES for your company. Users can be employees of your company or third-party users, such as external consultants.

About this task

Note: Only the account administrator can create and remove user accounts for a company.
Note: You can also reset users’ passwords and update users’ information in this area of the system.

Consult SES Company User Roles Matrix to learn more about each role.


  1. Click Manage Users on the homepage.
    Company Management pane on SES home page
  2. Click Create New User in the upper right corner.
    The create new user button is located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Complete the User Information fields and assign Roles and Groups.
    Note: For complete information on agency roles and permissions, see SES Agency System Roles & Consumer Complaints Roles.
    Note: For complete information on company roles and permissions, see SES Company User Roles Matrix.
  4. Click Create New User.
    Create New User button

What to do next

Upon creating a new company user role, be sure to share the Activating Your Okta Account for SES article with the user.