Creating Third-Party Users

The third-party user can hold the company lead or contributor role on a Supervisory Activity. This user is granted detail-level-access to only those SAs on which he or she is a participant.

About this task


  1. Click Manage Users on the homepage.
    Company Management pane on SES home page
  2. Click Third Party Users.
    Third Party Users menu command
  3. Click Create Third Party User in the top right.
    Create Third Party User command
  4. Complete the user information fields and assign the Third-Party role.
  5. Click Create New User.
    Create New User button


Two emails are sent to the third-party user to set up his or her account in SES, similar to the company account setup process.

New users must verify that they are affiliated with the a company before getting access to the system. If the new user rejects the company association request, the onboarding process ends and the agency receives a notification of the rejection.