Verifying Agency Users

Every month, the account administrators at each agency must verify its users in SES. Account administrators are expect to review their agency’s existing users and remove access for anyone that no longer needs it.

About this task

This task displays the last time a user accepted the Terms of Use, which is a good proxy for the last time the user has accessed the system. By completing this important task, the account administrators can ensure that only authorized users at their agency have access to SES.

Ensuring that only authorized users of your agency have access to SES is the responsibility of each agency's account administrators. As staff changes occur in the agency, their SES accounts should be updated or provisioned accordingly. This monthly task helps ensure this important role of an account administrator is fulfilled.

Note: An email is sent to account administrators every month when the Verify Agency Users task is generated.
A monthly notification is sent to agency account administrators to verify user accounts on SES


  1. Click Verify Agency Users in the Tasks section on the left side of the homepage.
    The tasks menu on the SES homepage
  2. Click Accept in the upper right corner.
    The Accept button appears in the upper right portion of the screen
  3. Review the list of users, removing any that no longer need an account in SES.
    1. To remove a user, click the user's hyperlinked name.
      The user's name is hyperlinked. Click this to manage the user.
    2. Click Remove User.
      Click the Remove User button to deleite inactive users from SES.
  4. Click Verify Users.
    Click Verify Users to complete the monthly user verification process.