Viewing SA Reports

SES has reports available containing data about your agency’s supervisory activities. Within the reporting tool, agency users will find metrics and graphs for supervisory activities with findings, as well as open and closed supervisory activities.

About this task


  1. Select the Agency Reports drop-down menu from the Top Menu of the homepage.
    Agency Reports Top Menu
  2. Select SA Reports.
  3. Choose an SA Report:
    Report NameData Points Available
    Open Supervisory Activities
    • Coming up in the next 12 months
    • Milestone breakdown
    • EIC assignments
    • Supervisory Activity Aging Report
    Closed Supervisory Activities
    • Average time in-flight
    • Average number of AFRs per exam
    • AFR frequency breakdown
    • Percentage multi-state
    • Average Time Spent in Milestone
    • Monetary Relief Provided to Consumer1
    • Findings by category
    • Findings by type
    • Finding count by supervisory activity
    • Findings across closed supervisory activities
  4. For certain reports, you can export report data to Excel®:
    1. Click into the report charts and graphs to see a grid view of the data.
    2. Click Export to Excel at the bottom of the grid.
      Export to Excel button exports the report data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
      The exported data is emailed to you as an attachment.
1 You can export these reports to Excel.