Viewing the Complaint IR Response Activity Report

You can access the Complaint IR Response Activity Report to view the progress of all the information requests on your agency’s open complaints that have been responded to by the company.

About this task

The IR Response Activity Report features many key data points of your information requests from your agency’s open complaints, such as:
  • IR and Complaint ID
  • Count of attempts representing the number of times an information request was sent back and forth between your agency and the company associated with the Information Request
  • IR due date
  • IR status including amount of days complaint has been open
  • The date and time the IR was first sent to the company
  • The date and time of the company’s most recent response


  1. Log in to SES.
  2. Click Manage Complaints.
    Manage Complaints button
  3. Select the Agency Reports drop-down menu from the Top Menu of the homepage.
    Complaints Reports Top Menu Agency Reports Top Menu
  4. Select IR Response Activity.

What to do next

Looking for information you need that is not available on the reports? Send an email to the SES Feedback Team at