Creating and Removing Third-Party Users

The third-party user role can be assigned to a user that the company enlists for assistance with the SA (e.g., outside counsel, contractors, or consultants).

SES allows certain company users to add trusted Third Party User to the company account for the purposes of participating on certain supervisory activities.

The third-party user can hold the company lead or contributor role on a Supervisory Activity. This user is granted detail-level-access to only those SAs on which he or she is a participant.

A Third-Party User does not have access to any other SAs from the company.

Once the SA is closed and there are no outstanding Matters Requiring Attention (MRA) or when the last MRA is closed, the system automatically removes the third-party user as a participant from that SA. However, a company can remove the Third-Party user from the SA at their discretion at any time prior to the SA being closed.