Viewing Complaints Reports

SES has reports available containing data about your agency’s complaints. Within the reporting tool, complaints users will find metrics and graphs around complaints with alleged violations, complaints over time, and open and closed complaints.

About this task

Note: Canceled complaints do not show up in reports.


  1. Log in to SES.
  2. Click Manage Complaints.
    Manage Complaints button
  3. Click My Agency’s Complaint Reports in the Reports section on the Complaints homepage.
    Reports Widget on Complaints homepage
  4. Choose a Complaints Report.
    Report NameAvailable Data Points
    Alleged Violations
    • Breakdown of complaints with alleged violations
    • Alleged Violations by type
    • Alleged Violation count
    • Alleged Violations on closed complaints
    Complaints Over Time
    • Monthly complaints opened and closed
    • Total complaints in SES
    Open Complaints
    • Complaint status breakdown
    • Agency POC assignments
    • Open complaints by category
    • Reopened Complaints
    Closed Complaints
    • Complaints by closure reason
    • Closed complaints by category
    • Average number of days open by business type
    • Complaints by business type
    • Total monetary relief provided to complainant1
    There is also an IR Response Activity Report which details the progress of all the information requests on your agency’s open complaints that have been responded to by the company. See Viewing the IR Response Activity Report for more information.
  5. For certain reports, you can export report data to Excel®:
    1. Click into the report charts and graphs to see a grid view of the data.
    2. Click Export to Excel at the bottom of the grid.
      Export to Excel button exports the report data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
      The exported data is emailed to you as an attachment.

What to do next

Looking for information you need that is not available on the reports? Send an email to the SES Feedback Team at

1 You can export this report to Excel.