Searching Company Loan Request Responses

After your company has sent loan request (LR) responses to the agency, you can search through the responses by borrower name, property state, response text, and file name.

About this task

The Loan Request Response Search tab is displayed on the Loan Requests tab for a supervisory activity after a company has sent LR responses to an agency. You can only view the Loan Request Response Search tab for Supervisory Activities that are assigned to you.

Loan request response search screen


  1. Navigate to your supervisory activity.

    Supervisory Activities button on the Main Menu
  2. Click Loan Requests.

    Loan Requests command on the ribbon menu
  3. Click Loan Request Response Search.
    Note: If the Loan Request Response Search tab is not visible, then either there are no LRs that have been responded to or you are not assigned to the supervisory activity.
  4. Search or filter your LR responses using the following options:
    • Loan Request ID: Search for the loan request ID number.
    • Borrower First/Last Name: Search the text of borrower names to find associated responses.
    • Response: Search the text of LRs sent to an agency.
    • Loan Number: Search for the loan request number.
    • Property State: Filter the LR responses according to the state in which the property for the loan is located.
    • File Name: Search for LR responses with file attachments matching the specified name.
    • Account Number: Search for the account number.
    • Has Attachments: Filter LR responses according to whether they have documents attached.
    • Show Agency Responses: Show or hide agency responses to a company's LR responses. This is helpful for finding LR responses that may require additional information.
  5. Optional: You can scroll to the bottom of the list and click Export to Excel.
    Export to Excel command
    The filtered Loan Request Response search list is emailed to you in an attached Excel spreadsheet.