Adding Loan Request Responses

How to add a response to an individual loan request.

About this task

Figure 1. Video: Responding to Loan Requests


  1. Navigate to your supervisory activity.

    Supervisory Activities button on the Main Menu
  2. Click Loan Requests > Add Loan Request Responses.
    Add Loan Request Responses button
  3. Select the desired loan request.
  4. Click Add Response.
    Responding to loan requests: add response button
  5. Complete the form.
    Note: You can assign the loan request to another participant here.
  6. Upload any necessary documents.
    Note: See Uploading Documents for details on uploading documents.
  7. Select Save and Send Later.
  8. Click Save and Send Later.
    Responding to Loan Requests: Complete Response button
    The status changes to “Ready to Send” on the Add Loan Request Responses grid.
    Loan Request Response: Status Complete
  9. Repeat for loan requests you are responding to and click I’m Done For Now.
    Responding to Loan Requests: I'm Done For Now button
  10. Proceed to Sending LR Responses to the Agency in Bulk when ready.