Assigning Information Requests (IRs)

The task of responding to information requests (IRs) can be delegated to participants on an exam.

About this task

Ensure that all the necessary participants have been added before beginning this process.

Note: Only the company lead can assign IRs. You cannot view or assign IRs until you assign your company contacts. See Assigning Company Contacts for more information.
Figure 1. Video: Assigning Information Requests


  1. Navigate to your supervisory activity.

    Supervisory Activities button on the Main Menu
  2. Click Information Requests.

    Menu: Information Requests option
  3. Click Information Request Details.

    Information Request Details button
  4. Click the SA IR ID hyperlink of the desired Information Request.

    Click on the Information Request ID to choose the information request.
  5. Click Manage Assignment.
    Manage Assignment command
  6. Select the Assignee from the dropdown list.
    Choose an assignee from the list in the Internal Assgment Details dialog box, then click Update Assignment.
  7. Click Update Assignment.