Logging in to SES for the First Time

Once you have activated your Okta® account, and the company has access to SES, one of the first steps in the system is assigning the Supervisory Activity (SA) Contact and the Complaints Contact.

Before you begin

Perform the following tasks if you have not already done so:
  1. Activating Your Okta Account for SES
  2. Setup multifactor authentication using either:

About this task

The SES SA contact receives email notifications from the agency regarding supervisory activities. The SES complaints contact receives email notifications from the agency regarding complaints.
Note: The following process must be completed by the recipient of the initial email from SES (i.e., the person the state agency onboarded for the company). That person is automatically assigned the account administrator role for the company, which can be changed once the user is logged in and other users are added to the company account.
Flowchart showing SES Company enrollment process


  1. >Log into SES via your Okta® account at sso.nmls.org.
    Note: Your username is your email address.
  2. On the landing page, click Enroll My Company.
    Click Enroll my Company on the SES landing page
  3. Verify your association with the company.
    Verify association screen
  4. Create any additional users for your company other than yourself that will help manage supervisory activities and consumer complaints.
    Add company users screen.
    Note: Do not populate this screen with information about yourself. If you are completing this form, you have already logged in to SES and your account was already created on your behalf by the agency.
  5. Assign company contacts for supervisory activities and consumer complaints in the system.
    Assign company contacts screen
  6. Confirm your company enrollment details and click Finish Enrollment.
    Click Finish Enrollment to complete the enrollment of your company in SES


After you have finished enrollment, you are notified if there are any outstanding tasks requiring action once you enter the system.

What to do next