Activating Your Okta® Account for SES

This section is intended to help companies understand how to activate and manage their Okta account as a part of the State Examination System (SES) enrollment process.

About this task

Flowchart showing the SES Company enrollment process
Figure 1. Getting Started with Okta


  1. >Find the Welcome to the State Examination System email from
    OKTA Welcome Email
  2. Click Activate Okta Account.
  3. Create a new password, forgot password question and answer, and choose a security image.
    Select a Secuirty Image
  4. Click Create My Account.
  5. Click Setup to begin the registration process for Registering with Google Authenticator or Registering with Symantec VIP.
    Multifactor Authentication option: Google Authenticate or Symantec VIP

What to do next

Complete the setup of your multifactor authenticator to log into SES.

Note: Be sure to bookmark to access SES in the future. See Logging in to SES for the First Time for more information.