Completing the NMLS Account Request Form

If your company does not have an Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) account, use this procedure to request an account and company ID in NMLS to enable your company to have an SES account for state regulatory Examination and Complaint processing.

About this task

The State Examination System (SES) uses company account information and IDs from the NMLS.

Non-depository companies not licensed in NMLS must complete the NMLS Account Request Form to become users of SES. You will receive a notification from SES with account creation instructions.


  1. Navigate to the NMLS Resource Center.
  2. Click Log in to NMLS.
    Log into NMLS
  3. Click Request an Account.
    NMLS Login Screen
  4. Select No for the question, Does your company currently have a record in NMLS?
  5. Enter the CAPTCHA code and click Next.
  6. Select State:Non-Depository or Federal.
    • State: Non-Depository if your company is supervised by a state regulatory agency (e.g., New York State Department of Financial Services).
    • Federal if your company is supervised by a federal regulatory agency (e.g., FDIC or OCC).
  7. Complete the Company Information and Company Headquarters Location sections and click Next.
    Note: Applications must have the exact name of the company according to the Secretary of State (SOS) documentation.
    Note: Individuals without a social security number must contact the NMLS Call Center (1-800-269-6189) and provide supporting documentation to obtain an account in NMLS.
  8. Complete the Contact Employee Information section and click Next.
  9. Complete the Formation Information (for state-regulated companies) or Federal Agency-Regulated Information (for federally regulated companies) section and click Next.
  10. Complete the contact information for Account Administrators 1 & 2 and click Next.
  11. Complete the Submitter section and click Accept.
  12. Review the completed Company Account Request Form.
  13. Upload a supporting file (state-regulated companies only).

    In the Supporting File section of the company account request form, you must provide a copy of the IRS documentation that identifies the employer identification number (EIN) for your business and the Secretary of State (SOS) documentation that identifies the state where you registered as a business. For sole proprietors using their SSN as the EIN, they will need to provide the SSN card for the owner but do not need to include SOS documentation, as that is not applicable.

    There are only two documents that we accept from the IRS:
    • SS-4 letter
    • 147C letter

    The SS-4 letter is only issued to you once when your EIN is first established by the IRS and the 147C letter acts as a replacement if you do not have your SS-4 letter. If you need the 147C letter, please contact the IRS’ Business & Specialty Tax Line (800-829-4933) for assistance. The SOS documentation can also be referred to as certificate of existence and it identifies the structure of your business as well as the legal name.

    The legal name of your business on the SOS documentation must match the legal name that is listed on the IRS documentation with the only exceptions being punctuation marks such as periods and commas. Your request may be rejected if the names do not match and then you would need to make the request again with the proper information.

    Important: The supporting documentation file must be in a PDF format and cannot exceed 8 MB. If you have multiple documents, they must be combined in a single file.
  14. Click Submit.

What to do next

Once the request is complete, it will take 3-5 business days to review.

Once the account is created, you receive a request approval email. Upon receipt of the request approval email, notify your regulator, who can then complete the enrollment process in SES after verifying the company has been added to the system.

When you create your NMLS account, it prompts the creation of an SES company record via the connection to NMLS on the next business day. Check your email to activate your Okta account: Activating Your Okta Account for SES. See Company Enrollment in SES – How it Works for more information.