Assigning Company Contacts

An SES Supervisory Activities (SA) contact and Complaints contact must be assigned.

Before you begin

About this task

The SA contact receives the first notification from the agency regarding supervisory activities. The Complaints contact receives the first notification from the agency regarding any complaints.

Figure 1. Video: Assiging the Complaint Point of Contact


  1. Click Manage Company Profile.
    Company Management pane
    Note: Only the account administrator can access the actions within the Manage Company Profile page
  2. Click Assign Contacts.
    Assign Contacts button
  3. Select the Supervisory Activities Contact.
    Complaints Contact list and Assign Contacts button
  4. Select the Complaints Contact.
    Note: Only individuals with SES accounts assigned a Consumer Complaints role with the Manage Complaints permission appear in this list. See Managing Company User Accounts for more information.
  5. Optional: Enter additional email addresses for notifications.
    Note: You can choose secondary emails to receive notifications about key tasks assigned in SES for both SAs and complaints. You may consider using group email addresses if you want key notifications to be received by more than one person.
  6. Click Assign Contacts.