Company Enrollment in SES – How it Works

This article is intended to help companies understand the process for getting enrolled in the State Examination System (SES).

Figure 1. Video: Company Enrollment Process
Important: A company CANNOT enroll itself in SES. A state regulatory agency must initiate the SES enrollment process for the company.
Flowchart showing the company enrollment process for SES

Step 1: Agency Sends an Enrollment Request to the Company

An agency enrolls a company in SES for examination or complaint handling purposes. The agency kicks off the process by creating the first company user in SES. It is assumed that the agency has the most accurate information about which individual at a company handles supervisory activities for that company. Agencies are encouraged to contact the company outside of SES prior to initiating the enrollment process in the system.

Once that company user is created in the system, the agency initiates the company’s enrollment in SES at which point the company user receives notifications to enroll in the system. This will most likely occur a few weeks before the company’s first exam in SES. It may happen much sooner for complaint handling.

Step 2: Your Role - Check Your Email to Activate Your Okta® Account

As a new SES company user, you will receive a single SES Welcome email with an Okta® activation.

Okta® is a two-step identity management service used by all users to access SES. Okta® uses multifactor authentication (MFA) by which two independent authentication methods (such as a security code produced by a mobile application in addition to a Username and Password) are utilized to increase confidence that an individual attempting to access a secure system is authorized to do so. For example, if you choose to use the Okta® app, a six-digit soft token is available via your mobile device that must be entered into system along with your account credentials. You must activate your Okta® account to access SES.

Important: To complete this process, you need to either download or install Symantec VIP Access on your desktop or mobile device or install Google Authenticator (Help for Google Authenticator) to your mobile device.

Next steps

  1. Activating Your Okta Account for SES
  2. Setup multi-factor authentication:
  3. Logging in to SES for the First Time