Supervisory Activity Participant Roles

These roles are assigned at supervisory activity level, frequently change by exam, and indicate what the user can do in a specific supervisory activity.

Note: For more information on the permissions available for users at the system level, see SES Agency System Roles & Consumer Complaints Roles.
Figure 1. Video: Adding Participants to a Supervisory Activity
Table 1. Supervisory Activity Participant Roles
Role Examiner in Charge (EIC) Examiner Reviewer Peer Reviewer Package Assembler
Description Manages a supervisory activity from start to finish. Supports the EIC in completing a supervisory activity by doing work. Supports the EIC in completing a supervisory activity by reviewing and commenting. Supports the EIC by reviewing the aspects of a supervisory activity without making approval decisions. Compiles the full report package and transmits it to the company.
Supervisory Activity Duties Unique to Role The only participant on a supervisory activity to directly communicate with the company. Working procedures, updating findings, managing loan request associations, adding and completing report commentary. Reviewing and updating the scope, reviewing the plan, updating the report. Commenting on the scope and plan; viewing and uploading report versions. See description above.
Note: These roles and their descriptions are different when leading or participating in a multi-state examination. For full details on all system user roles and groups, see the SES Roles and Permissions Spreadsheet, available in the Agency User Roles and Permissions (Excel format).

EIC Resources

Note: The resources above also apply for staff users from the lead agency who are assigned as a participant on a supervisory activity.

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