SES Home Page for Company Users

The home page is the main page and the first page you will see upon logging into SES. The page is dynamic, and the features and commands available depend on user roles and permissions.

The SES Home page is dynamic and some features are restricted to users with certain permissions. However, the general layout is the same for all users.

The top of the page has the menu that allows you to switch between the Supervisory Activities, QuickIR, and System Policies pages.

The body of the page feautres a summary of Supervisory Activities on the right, and task widgets on the left. If you have outstanding tasks from an agency, they will appear here. Below the task widgets is the Manage Company Profile button which allows you to view information about your company or companies, manage company users, and assign contacts at your company to receive information about supervisory activities and complaints.

If your user role has permission to view or process complaints, you will see the Manage Complaints button, which takes you to the Complaints home page.

Figure 1. SES Home Page for Company Users
Company Lead view of the SES home page

For more information, see SES Quick Start Guide for Companies