Conducting the Exam: Marking an Area for Review (AFR) Complete

Conducting the exam consists of reviewing information request (IR) responses, working procedures, and adding or reviewing findings and finding commentary.

About this task

Note: Any exam participant can mark an Area for Review (AFR) complete.


  1. Navigate to your supervisory activity.

    Supervisory Activities button on the Main Menu
  2. Click Examination.
    The examinations tab in the Supervisory Activity module
  3. Click the desired AFR within the Review Summary quick filter.
    Click the desired Area for Review within the Review Summary filter
  4. Click Complete Area for Review.
    Complete the Area For Review
  5. Provide applicable documentation and upload applicable work papers.
  6. Click Complete Area for Review.
    Click the Complete Area For Review buton
  7. Click Confirm.
    Note: Once the AFR is marked complete, the Review Summary quick filter displays who completed the review and when it was completed.
    Review Summary Quick Filter display