Updating the Complaints Contact

The complaints contact is the user for a company that receives notification when a complaint is entered, and information requests are sent.

About this task

The complaints contact also receives the task to assign a Company POC for each complaint entered into the system. This article explains how to update the user assigned as the complaints contact, should it need to be changed.

Note: Only the SES company account administrator can update the complaints contact.
Figure 1. Video: Assiging the Complaint Point of Contact


  1. Log in to SES.
  2. Click Manage Company Profile.
    Company Management pane
    Note: Only the account administrator can access the actions within the Manage Company Profile page
  3. Click Assign Contacts.
    Assign Contacts button
  4. Select the Complaints Contact.
    Note: Only individuals with SES accounts assigned a Consumer Complaints role with the Manage Complaints permission appear in this list. See Managing Company User Accounts for more information.
  5. Click Assign Contacts.