Viewing a Complaint

When a complaint is entered into SES and information requests are sent to your company, you can view the details in the system.

About this task

Note: Users must be assigned a complaint role in SES to view a complaint. See SES Company User Roles Matrix for more information.

The Complaints Company POC is the individual responsible for sending complaint IR responses to the agency. This person can also review and update responses drafted by other complaints users.

The Company Complaints Contact is the user who received the initial notification of a new Complaint in SES and is responsible for managing the Company POC assigned to the Complaint.

Note: The SES Complaints Contact and the company's account administrator receives the task to assign the Company POC. See Company User Enrollment for more information.
Figure 1. Video: Accessing a Complant Record


  1. Log in to SES.
  2. Click Manage Complaints.
    Manage Complaints button
  3. Click the Complaint ID hyperlink.
    Complaint ID hyperlink in the All Open Complaints list