Update the Related Entities on a Complaint

The company subject to a consumer complaint may have other supervisory activities, complaints, individuals, companies, or registered agents that are related to the complaint.

About this task

The Update Related Entities page allows you to add or remove:
  • related supervisory activities
  • related complaints
  • related individuals
  • related companies
  • related non-NMLS entities
  • related agents

Example of the Update Related Entitites page.


  1. Click Manage Complaints.
    Manage Complaints button
  2. Click the Complaint ID hyperlink.
    Complaint ID hyperlink in the All Open Complaints list
  3. Click Details.
  4. Click Update Related Entities.

    Update Related Entities command on the Complaint Record Details tab.
  5. Optional: To add a related entity, click the Add hyperlink for the type of entity to add.
    • Add Related Supervisory Activity using the ID for the SA.
    • Add Complaint using the ID for the complaint.
    • Add Related Company using the NMLS ID for the company.
    • Add Related Non-NMLS Entity for companies not registered in NMLS, using the Entity Tracking Number.
    • Add Related Individual using the individual's NMLS ID, if known, or first and last names.
    • Add Agent Location Documents by dropping the document onto the drop documents here field and clicking Upload.
    • Add Agent Location by typing the agent's name (required), address, and contact information.
    Add other individuals or entities as appropriate.
  6. Optional: To remove a related entity, expand the section containing the entity and click the red X icon to the right of the individual or entity.
  7. Click Update Related Entities at the bottom right.
    The Update Related Entities closes and your changes are saved to the complaint record.