Reopening a Complaint

You can reopen a complaint that has been closed for up to one year. If a complaint has been closed for more than one year, you must initiate a new complaint.

About this task

Common reasons for reopening a complaint include closed in error or the consumer comes back with more information that they didn’t have initially. Another reason to reopen a complaint would be to update the complaint details.

Note: All Complaint Supervisors and Managers can reopen a complaint. See SES Agency System Roles & Consumer Complaints Roles for more information.
Figure 1. Video: Reopening a Complaint


  1. >Access the desired closed complaint.
  2. Click Reopen Complaint on the Summary or Details tab.
    Complaints menu, summary tab, showing Reopen Complaint command


Impacts of Reopening a Complaint
  • The complaint is changed to a “Reopened” status.
  • You can take action on the complaint again.
  • The company is only notified that the complaint was reopened if an information request is sent after reopening the complaint.
  • Reopening information is displayed in the Complaint Details tab.
    Complaint Details tab, shwoing reopened complaint information
  • When the complaint is closed again, the Details tab includes a new All Closures tab.
    Complaints menu Details tab showing All Closures tab
  • The document retention date is renewed based on the most recent closure date for a reopened complaint. See the SES Policies for more information.