Entering Subject ID

Use this search option when you know the Company SES ID, Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) ID, Entity Tracking Number, or State License Number for the subject.

About this task

Note: Users with the Complaint Supervisor and Complaint Manager roles can search for the subject of a complaint. See SES Agency System Roles & Consumer Complaints Roles for more information.


  1. Click Enter Subject ID.
    Click the Enter Subject ID button to search by subect.
  2. Select Company, Branch, or Individual.
    • Company: allows you to enter Company SES ID, NMLS ID, Entity Tracking Number, or State License Number.
    • Branch: allows you to enter the NMLS ID.
    • Individual: allows you to enter the NMLS ID or the individual’s name.
    Note: Regardless of whether you are entering a complaint for a company, branch, or individual, the complaint is ultimately tied to the company’s record. The company is sent the information requests and can respond to the complaint; individuals do not need to create an SES account.
    Choose the type for which you want to search
  3. Confirm the entity’s details.
  4. Click Enter Complaint.
    Enter complaint button

What to do next

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