Accessing the Discussion for a Non-NMLS Entity

The discussion board allows agencies to share information about companies with consumer complaints, but which are not registered in NMLS.

About this task

Use the platform like any other social media platform or internet forum. You can enter comments, request information changes about the entity, and tag other users or agencies.

Selecting All Agencies for Tag Agency tags the discussion post for all agencies actively using SES to process complaints at this time. If your agency is tagged in a post, users with the Complaint Supervisor role receive a notification.

Selecting Request Info Change notifies the original agency that created the non-NMLS entity since only they can update the entity’s information in the system.

You can upload documents to your board posts.

Discussion page for a non-NMLS entity


  1. Click NON-NMLS Entities.

    Main Menu bar showing the NON-NMLS ENTITIES command
  2. Search for the desired non-NMLS entity by Entity Tracking Number.
    Tip: Click Show Filters to search by other criteria.
    Show Filters button
  3. Click the Entity Tracking Number for the desired non-NMLS entity.
    Hyperlink for the Entity Tracking number. Click to open the entity.
    Note: The chat bubble icon in the Posts column indicates activity on the Discussion page for a non-NMLS entity.
  4. Click Discussion.

    Click Discussion to view the Discussion page for this non-NMLS entity