Canceling a Complaint

In instances where a complaint was created in error or is no longer needed, an agency complaints user with the ability to manage complaints can cancel a complaint any time before a complaint is closed.

About this task

For more information on closing a complaint because it was canceled by the complainant, see Closing a Complaint.

Note: You can only cancel your own agency’s complaints. Users with the Complaint Supervisor and Complaint Manager roles can cancel a complaint. See SES Agency System Roles & Consumer Complaints Roles for more information.
Figure 1. Video: Canceling a Complaint


  1. Navigate to the complaint.
    The list of all open complaints
  2. Click Related Actions.
    Related Actions command on the Agency complaints menu bar
  3. Click Cancel Complaint.
    Cancel complaint
  4. Enter Reason for cancelation and upload any relevant documents.
  5. Click Cancel Complaint.
    Cancel complaint
  6. Click Confirm.


What happens when you cancel a complaint?
  • All “Sent to Company“ IR statuses change to “Canceled.”
  • Users can no longer take any action on the complaint.
  • All pending viewer access requests are canceled, and a notification is sent to users who requested access.
  • All pending referrals are canceled, and a notification is sent to the agency who received the referral.
  • All users with detail level access continue to have detail level access and can view the cancelation details.
  • If IRs were sent to the company, the Company Complaints POC is notified that the complaint was canceled but cannot view the cancelation details. If the Company POC has not been assigned, the Complaints Contact and additional email are notified.
Note: Canceled complaints do not show up in reports.