Accepting or Rejecting Access to a Complaint from the Homepage Widget

Other agencies can request to view the full details of a complaint owned by your agency. When your agency receives a request to view a complaint, all complaint supervisors at your agency will be notified via email.

About this task

All users assigned the Complaint Supervisor role in SES can accept or reject access to a complaint. This gives each agency flexibility around who handles view requests but limits it to only those with the appropriate role. Be sure to discuss with your team who is responsible for this process at your agency. Accepting the request allows all requesting agency’s complaints users to view the entire complaint and preview and download all uploaded documentation.


  1. Click Manage Complaints.
    Manage Complaints button
  2. >Click Access Requests from the homepage.
    List: Access and Referrals List
  3. Click View Access.

    View Access button on the Complaint Record
  4. Click the View Details icon for the desired complaint access request.

    View Details icon next to the complaint, allows you to see the details of the agenc acces requet
  5. Review the access request details.
  6. Click Review Access Request.

    Review Access Request command
  7. Optional: To accept access:
    1. Select Accept.

      Options to accept or reject the complaints access request
    2. Enter any comments you may have.
    3. Click Accept Request.

      Accept Access Request command
  8. Optional: To reject access:
    1. Select Reject.

      Options to accept or reject the complaints access request
    2. Enter any comments you may have.
    3. Click Reject Request.

      Reject Access Request command

    Your decision is reflected on the My Agency’s Decisions tab.

    The My Agency's Decisions tab lists your Agency's decisions with regard to Complaints Access by other agencies.

    Once viewing access is granted, it does not expire. It is the responsibility of the complaint supervisors at the agency to manage who has this extra level of access to their complaint. Viewing access can be removed at any time. See Removing Agency Access from a Complaint Record for more information.