Appending Notes to a Closed Complaint

You may find that you need to add notes to a closed complaint. For example, a consumer may reach back out with new information about a complaint.

About this task

You can also reopen a closed complaint. See Reopening a Complaint for more information.

Note: Users with the Complaint Supervisor and Complaint Manager roles can add research and communication to a complaint. See SES Agency System Roles & Consumer Complaints Roles for more information.
Note: You can add or update research and communication to a complaint record even after the complaint is closed. See Adding Research and Communication to a Complaint and Updating Research or Communication for a Complaint


  1. Navigate to the complaint.
    The list of all open complaints
  2. Click Details.
    Complaint Detals button
  3. Click Append Note.
    Append a note to a complaint
  4. Enter your note.
  5. Click Save Note.
    Save the note you added to the complaint