Entering Alleged Violations

As part of working a complaint, you can enter any alleged violations you may have discovered.

About this task

Typically, these alleged violations are captured by complaints staff before escalating them to your agency’s investigation or examination team.

Note: All Complaint Supervisors and Managers can enter and manage alleged violations for a complaint. See SES Agency System Roles & Consumer Complaints Roles for more information. Only the Agency POC can remove an alleged violation added by another user.
Figure 1. Video: Entering Alleged Violations


  1. Navigate to the complaint.
    The list of all open complaints
  2. Click Alleged Violations > Add Alleged Violations.
    Complaints alleged violations menu
    Note: To add more than one alleged violation at a single time, click +Add Alleged Violation as many times as needed.
    Add more violations
  3. Click Save Alleged Violation.
    Save the alleged violation