Completing Preliminary Review of a Complaint

When entering a complaint, you have the option of sending it for preliminary review. This functionality is helpful for when a higher profile complaint is being entered and may require further review before it is formally entered into SES.

About this task

Some agencies may use this functionality if complaints are entered by administrative staff but must be reviewed by an official complaints staff member before it can be formally entered into SES.

Note: Users with the Complaint Supervisor and Complaint Manager roles can complete preliminary review of a complaint. See SES Agency System Roles & Consumer Complaints Roles for more information. Communication that preliminary review of a complaint needs to be completed must be communicated outside of SES.
Figure 1. Video: Completing Preliminary Review of a Complaint


  1. Click Complaints in the top menu bar.
    The complaints button the top menu
  2. Click Show Filters.
    The Show Filters command on the Complaints page
  3. Select Status > Pending.
    Select Pending from the Status list to view complaints that are awaiting a preliminary review
  4. Click the Complaint ID hyperlink.
    Complaint ID hyperlink in the All Open Complaints list
  5. Click Complete Preliminary Review.
    The Complete Preliminary Review command allows you to review and make changes to the complaint
  6. Make any desired changes to the complaint information and assign the Agency POC.
  7. Select Proceed to Processing.
  8. Click Submit Review.
    Submit the review for processing
    Note: You also have the option to close the complaint if it is a duplicate, invalid, or it was referred to another agency. See Complaints Referrals for more information.
    Optional: Close the complaint if it is a duplicate or invalid.


The Complaint POC and Complaint Supervisor receive a notification when preliminary review of a complaint is complete.