Responding to a Complaint Information Request

Agencies can send information requests (IRs) regarding a complaint through SES. This article explains how to respond to those information requests.

Note: Users assigned a Consumer Complaints role can draft IR responses, but only the Company POC can send IR responses to the agency. See Managing Company User Accounts and Assigning and Reassigning the Company POC for more information.
Note: The SES Complaints Contact and the company's account administrator receives the task to assign the Company POC. See Company User Enrollment for more information.

The Company Complaints Contact is the user who received the initial notification of a new Complaint in SES and is responsible for managing the Company POC assigned to the Complaint.

The Complaints Company POC is the individual responsible for sending complaint IR responses to the agency. This person can also review and update responses drafted by other complaints users.

Figure 1. Video: Responding to Complaint Information Requests