Entering Close Out Information

Once the report has been sent to the company, the staff user(s) or the examiner in charge (EIC) must enter relevant close out information, including evaluations, ratings, and disposition.

About this task

Note: Only an agency staff user or the EIC for a supervisory activity can enter close out information.
Figure 1. Video: Entering Closeout Information and Marking the Report Response as Complete


  1. Navigate to your supervisory activity.

    Supervisory Activities button on the Main Menu
  2. Click Close Out > Enter Close Out Information.
    Enter close out information
  3. Select your Evaluation for each category of the Key Data Points section.
  4. Assign your Rating for each category of the Ratings section.
  5. Select the relevant response in the Consumer Refunds and Disposition sections.
  6. Enter a Next Exam Due By date.
    Note: If you are conducting an investigation, you will not have the option to enter a Next Exam Due By date.
  7. Upload any supporting documentation and add any comments for future exam teams.
  8. Select the Complete Close Out Information option.
    Select the option to Complete the close out information
  9. Click Complete Close Out Information.
    Complete Close Out Information button


This action along with marking the report response complete allows the staff director or staff user to close and lock the supervisory activity.