Adding a Procedure to the Library

Staff users or directors can add procedures as agency library items. All agency procedures are available for other agencies to view in the system.

About this task

All agency users in the agency have access to that agency’s library items and can add them freely to any supervisory activity.


  1. Log into SES as a Staff Director or User role.
  2. Click View and Manage Library on the home page.
    SES Home Page commands available to staff users and staff directors.
  3. Click Add Procedure.
    The menu bar for adding library items is in the upper right corner of the Library page
  4. Select one or more Business Types.
  5. Choose whether the item is core or non-core.
  6. Select one or more Scope Types.
  7. Select an Area for Review (AFR).
  8. Select one or more Business Activities.
  9. Type the Procedure Text.
  10. Drag any associated documents to the Upload Documents field, and click Upload.
    Drag any associated documents to the Upload Documents field and click Upload
  11. Optional: Associate any desired information requests to the procedure. See for more information.

    Screen capture showing associated information requests
  12. Click Add Procedure.

    Click Add Procedure to add the new procedure to the library
    You are returned to the Library page with your pre-selected filters still applied.