Deleting an Information Request from the Library

Staff users or directors can delete Information Request (IR) that are agency library items. CSBS manages standard library items.

About this task

Tip: Use the Filters function to limit the list of library items to those added by your agency.


  1. Log into SES as a Staff Director or User role.
  2. Click View and Manage Library on the home page.
    SES Home Page commands available to staff users and staff directors.
  3. Click the Information Reqeusts tab.
  4. Note: If you know the ID of the item you wish to update, you can search for the item by Library ID. Otherwise, filter the list of items to show only those belonging to your agency.
    To find a library item:
    1. Optional: Type the Library ID and click Search.
      Library Search by ID field
    2. Click Show Filters, select My Agency from the Type list, and click Search.
      Show Filters command
      Select My Agency from the Type list
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and navigate to the next page until you find the Library item.
      Library Page navigation arrows
  5. Click the Library ID of the desired Library item.
    Click the Library ID hyperlink to open the Library item
  6. Click Delete Information Request.
    The commands for deteling or updating information requests
    The Delete Information Request From Library confirmation message appears.
  7. Click Delete Information Request to confirm.
    Confirm that you want to delete the IR