Sending a Supervisory Activity for Review

When initiating a Supervisory Activity in SES, you have the option of sending it for review.

Before you begin

Initiating a Supervisory Activity


  1. Select Send Supervisory Activity for Review.
  2. Select the Primary Reviewer from the dropdown.
    Note: Only those with the Staff Director role appear in the Primary Reviewer dropdown menu. If you do not see the name you need, contact your account administrator.
    When Initiating an SA, select the option to Send for Review
  3. Select whether you wish to add additional reviewers.
    1. Optional: If No, click Send for Review.
      Choose No if you do not want additional reviewers
    2. If Yes, click Add Reviewer.
      Add a reviewer to the SA review
      Note: The primary reviewer appears as the first reviewer in the list. Additional reviewers can review and add comments, but only the primary reviewer can make an approval decision regarding scheduling the SA.
  4. Select the desired Reviewer.
  5. Add the Deadline (date and time).
  6. Enter the Task Details.
  7. Click Add Reviewer.
    Add Reviewer command adds the selected reviewer to the SA
    Adding additional reviewers enables two options in the Timing column:
    • Sequential: Reviewers receive the SA to review one after another.
    • Parallel: Reviewers receive the SA to review at the same time.
  8. Click Send for Review.
    When all the reviewers have been added, click Send for Review