Bulk Downloading Supervisory Activity Documents

How to download documents uploaded as part of a supervisory activity (SA).

About this task

All active agency participants on a supervisory activity can bulk download SA documents at any point before the retention period for the documents has been reached. See Adding Participants to a Closed and Locked SA to Download SA Documents for information on how to add participants to an SA to bulk download SA documents after an SA is closed and locked.


  1. Navigate to your supervisory activity.

    Supervisory Activities button on the Main Menu
  2. Click Related Actions.

    Rleated Actions Command
  3. Click Bulk Download Documents.

    Bulk Download Documents
  4. Choose your desired category to download.
    • Information Request
    • Loan Request
    • Matters Requiring Attention
    • Exclude Information Request and Loan Request
    • All Documents
  5. Optional: Select the date range of when the documents were added to the SA.
    Note: This may be helpful when trying to limit the number of documents selected for download to those that were recently added to the SA.
  6. Click Send Request.
    You will receive an email notification and a task will be assigned in the system for you to download the documents. You will have 60 minutes to complete this task, otherwise the task will expire, and you must submit a new bulk download request.

    Email Sample notifying bukl download ready
  7. Click the task on the homepage.

    Cliick the bulk download task on the homepage
  8. Click Download Documents.
    Bulk Download Ready dialog box, showing Download Documents button
    Note: If the SA is closed and locked, after the first bulk download request is made, any bulk download request after that is immediately available on the Summary page of the SA. There are two download buttons availble for each document retention schedule.

    Screen capture of the Summary page of the SA


A folder with all relevant documents is downloaded in your browser.

Note: To help better organize the documents and provide context about where each document occurred within the SA, identifying attributes are added to the filenames for company and agency response documents. It is recommended to sort the extracted folder by name to best make use of the added identifying attributes.
Figure 1. Extracted files with the added identifying attributes of the abbreviated area for review (AFR) name and then the information request (IR), loan request (LR) or matter requiring attention (MRA) library ID numbers.
Screenshot of file explore with added metadata for Bulk Download Documents