Overseeing Your Agency's Supervisory Activities

Describes how the "Master Viewer" role in SES can be used to oversee an agency's supervisory activities (SAs).

SES created the "Master Viewer" role for senior level staff at state agencies who may not necessarily be participants on SAs that need to download documents or have detail level access to examination information. See More about Summary Level View vs Detail Level Access for a Supervisory Activity for more information.

Users with the "Master Viewer" role have view and download access for SAs on which their agency is the lead or a participant.

The role was envisioned to be used by senior managers or commissioners that want access to their agency's SA information, but don't necessarily want to be part of the SA workflow or receive SES notifications related to their agency's SAs, etc.

Note: Users with the "Master Viewer" role cannot take any actions within an SA in SES. The role only allows view access to information in the system.