Responding to a Request to Join a Supervisory Activity

When multiple agencies come together to conduct a SA on a company, it is called a multi-state SA. It includes the lead agency (Examiner in Charge) and participating agencies. Participants from additional agencies can have the examiner/examiner reviewer roles.

About this task

Note: Only participants (from participating agencies) have detail-level access. The workflow for multi-state is the same as a single-state SA.


  1. Click Join Requests from the home page to view the SA the agency is requesting to join.
    Join Requests list
  2. Click the SA ID.
  3. Scroll down to view the join requests and click the View Details icon.
    View Details icon
  4. Click Review Request to Join.
    Review Request to Join button
  5. Choose to either accept or reject the request.
    1. Optional: Select Accept Request and click Accept Request. Then, click Confirm to accept.
      Add GA- DBF confirmation
      SA Summary Information
    2. Optional: Select Reject Request, provide a comment as to why the request is being rejected and click Reject Request.
      Reject the Agnecy Request to join the SA