SA Records Created by CSBS Support Staff

CSBS support staff can create Multi-state Mortgage Committee (MMC) shell exams on behalf of agencies.

CSBS support staff can create SA records in SES for multistate examinations. This helps groups like the Multi-state Mortgage Committee (MMC) with exam coordination. CSBS Support Staff can add basic SA fields, enter a lead agency, and give the SA a designation (e.g., MMC or One Company One Exam (OCOE)). It also enables agencies to see the MMC exam schedule sooner through SES and provide agencies with an ipportunity to join in those scheduled exams.

CSBS support staff must identify the following items during SA creation:
  • Target Start Date
  • Scope Type
  • Business Types
  • Lead Agency
  • SA Designation
    Note: The SA designation indicates what type of multi-state exam the SA is (e.g., MMC or OCOE).

When an SA is created by CSBS Support Staff, the normal review workflow for an SA is not available, and no documents can be uploaded during the initiation of the SA.

Once an SA is initiated by CSBS Support Staff, a new supervisory activity record is created. A notification is sent to all staff directors and staff users at the lead agency. CSBS Support Staff can update the exam details before the lead agency assigns the EIC. Once the lead agency assigns an EIC, CSBS Support Staff can no longer make changes.
Note: All CSBS support staff maintain detail-level access to the exam record.

Staff directors from the lead agency identified in the shell exam can update the basic details of the exam. See Updating SA Records Created by CSBS Support Staff for more information. Only Staff users can assign or reassign the EIC and participants. See Adding Agency Participants to a Supervisory Activity for more information.

Once the EIC is assigned, the exam follows the same behavior as an exam created by an agency, and a notificaion is sent to the assigned EIC about the SA.