Accepting a Supervisory Activity

Supervisory Activity acceptance is a system workflow that allows agencies to accept another agency’s SA in their completed Examination. This functionality supports the objectives of networked supervision (Multi-state Examinations) by giving state agencies another tool to collaborate and leverage the work of other agencies.

If another agency has examined a company you are preparing to examine, you have the option to accepting those exam findings as your own, thus freeing your resources for other examination work.

To leverage or accept another agency’s SA:
  • The SA must have not reached the six-year retention period
  • The SA must be used for an exam, not an investigation
  • The leveraging or accepting agency cannot be a participating agency on the original SA
  • The Examiner in Charge (EIC) as well as the Staff Director or User who initiates the leveraged SA, must have access to the other agency's SA before it can be leveraged.
Note: Only staff directors or staff users can choose to accept another agency’s SA.

It is each agency’s responsibility to determine whether it is appropriate to accept or leverage another agency’s SA. Each agency should develop policies and procedures that govern the use of these features.