Adding Company Participants to a Supervisory Activity

Company participants on a Supervisory Activity can be added at any time until the Examination or Investigation is Closed.

About this task

Note: Only the company lead can manage participants on a Supervisory Activity
Figure 1. Video: Assigning Company Participants on a Supervisory Activity


  1. Navigate to your supervisory activity.

    Supervisory Activities button on the Main Menu
  2. Click Participants.

    Participants command on the Supervisory Activity menu
  3. Click Add Participants.

    Add Paticpants button
  4. Type in and select the desired user’s Name.
    Note: Only users with an SES account are available for selection. If you do not see the desired person, contact your account administrator.
  5. Select the desired Role for the user.

    Select the role for the user
  6. Repeat this process for all participants to be added to the exam by clicking Add Participant below the participant’s name.

    Add the user as a participant
    Note: You can return to this page and add participants at any time before the SA is closed. However, selecting all the necessary participants at once allows you to proceed more smoothly through the workflows.
  7. Click Add Participants in the bottom right.

    Add Participants button on the lower right