Responding to the Report

After an agency sends the report package, you may be allowed to send a response. Follow the steps below to respond to the report package.

About this task

All participants on the Supervisory Activity can view the report package but only the Company Lead assigned can respond to the report package.

Figure 1. Video: Responding to the Report of Examination


  1. Click the Respond to Report Package task on the homepage.

    The respond to reports task on the homepage task menu
  2. Review the information and documentation sent by the agency.
    Note: Matters requiring attention (MRAs) may be included in the report package. All participants can view the MRAs and can draft the MRA responses but only the Company Lead can send the responses to the agency. Click the View MRA’s button to view and draft responses to MRAs.

    View MRA's command
  3. Enter your response to the report. and upload any supporting documents.
  4. Upload any necessary documents.
    Note: See Uploading Documents for details on uploading documents.
  5. Click Respond to Report.

    Respond to report
    Note: The agency is notified that the response was sent.