Sending the Report for Review

The review workflow allows the Examiner in Charge (EIC) to give the final approval decision to the first person selected as the reviewer, the primary reviewer. If the EIC wants to retain the ability to make the approval decision, then send the report for peer review.

Before you begin

  1. Preparing the Report
  2. Preparing and Uploading the Report of Examination

About this task

Note: At a minimum, there must be one person assigned to the reviewer role.
Note: In order to send the report for review, you must be signed in as the EIC.
Figure 1. Video: Sending the Report of Examination for Review, part 1 of 2


  1. Select Send Report for Review then the Primary Reviewer.
    Select the Send Report for Review option and the Primary Reviewer
    Note: The first reviewer selected makes the approval decision. If additional reviewers are added, they can upload a version of the report, leave comments, and mark their review as complete.
  2. Enter the Review Details and Task Details information, then click Add Reviewer.
    Add review and task details, then add the reviewer
  3. Optional: Click +Add Reviewer, to add additional reviewers.
    Add additional reviewers if needed
    Adding additional reviewers enables two options in the Timing column.
  4. Choose from the two options in the Timingcolumn:
    • Sequential: Reviewers receive the report to review one after another.
    • Parallel: Reviewers receive the report to review at the same time
  5. Click Send Report for Review in the bottom right.
    Send Report for Review command


The status of the report is now In Review.
Report status showing "in review"
Note: Each reviewer will see the Review Report task in the Tasks section on the homepage.
The Review Report task appears in the Tasks section of the homepage