Assembling and Sending the Report Package to the Company

The report package contains your agency’s examination report, matters requiring attention (MRAs), documentation, comments, and invoicing information.

About this task

Note: You must be assigned as the Package Assembler for a Supervisory Activity to complete this process.
Figure 1. Video: Preparing the ROE Package and Sending to the Company
Please note the following restrictions with with regard to file uploads in SES. It is recommended to use a ZIP folder or File Sharing Links when uploading large files or more than 25 files at a time.
  • File formats supported: SES will accept all file formats, but the following commonly supported file types are recommended: PDF, Word®, Excel®, CSV, ZIP
  • Max file size: 1 GB
  • For files larger than 1 GB1:
    • Use ZIP compression to reduce file to less than 1 GB1
    • Split the file into multiple smaller files
    • Use File Sharing Links.
  • Max no. characters per file name: 200
  • Max no. files per upload: 25, for uploads larger than 25 total files:
    1. Upload first 25.
    2. Select the Save Draft option in Available Next Actions then click the Save Draft button.
      Note: You may need to refresh the screen to see that the files have uploaded to the system.
    3. Return to the response screen to upload the next 25 files and repeat.
  • Total no. files: unlimited


  1. Click the Assemble and Send Report Package task on the homepage.
    Assemble and Send Reports task on the Task Menu on the homepage
  2. Deselect any MRAs you do not want to send to the company with the report package.
    Note: Matters Requiring Attention (MRA) can still be transmitted after the report package has been sent.
  3. Add necessary information to the report package:
    1. Enter any Comments to Company.
    2. Select whether you want to require a response from the company.
    3. Upload Additional Documents and Invoice Information.
    Note: Selections made here impact how the company receives the report package.
    • If you require a response and enter a due date for response, the company lead receives task and an email notification to respond by the due date.
    • If you allow a response and enter a due date for response, the company lead receives task and an email notification to respond by the due date.
    • If you do not require response, the company lead receives email notification only telling them the package is ready to view. They are not able to submit a response through the system.
  4. Important: Ensure all information in the report package is final before clicking Send Package to Company. You cannot make changes or undo this action once the report package is sent to the company.
    Click Click to Confirm the Report.
    click to confirm the report and send the package to the company
  5. Click Send Package to Company in the bottom right.
    Note: A notification is sent to all agency participants on the supervisory activity when the report package is sent to the company.
1 For documents uploaded to the Interactions tab, the maximum file size is 25 MB.