Peer Reviewing the Report

The Examiner in Charge (EIC) can send the report for peer review to any participant on an exam. The peer review function allows an EIC to route a Report of Examination (ROE) to another participant on the Supervisory Activity for review.

About this task

Peer review is different from the formal review that often leads to an approval of the ROE. Use of peer review is optional and can be used before a formal review process if desired.

Figure 1. Video: Peer Reviewing the ROE


  1. Click the Peer Review Report task on the homepage.
    The Peer Review task in the Task menu on the homepage
  2. Review the report:
    1. Click Click here to review to view the entire exam.

      Task Details area, showing the Click here to review button
      Note: The exam opens in a new tab in your browser. The
      Icon: New Browser Tab
      icon indicates that this page will open in a new tab.
    2. Click the Preview icon to open a read-only version of the report in another tab.

      Preview a read-only copy of the Report in a new browser tab

      The read only copy of the report opens in a new browser tab for preview
    3. Click the Download icon to download the report to your computer.

      Download the report to edit
  3. Make any necessary updates to the report.
  4. Click Upload to add your edited version of the report.
    Tip: You may need to navigate to the previous tab.

    Upload the edited report
  5. Add any comments.
  6. Click Mark as Complete.
    Mark as Complete command