QuickIR is an SES feature that allows your company to browse through the standard information requests (IRs) in the State Examination System (SES) and prepare your responses to the IRs in advance of an upcoming examination of your company in SES.

What is a Standard IR?

Standard IRs are uniform across agencies and specific to industry type and business activity. Standard IRs are available in SES to facilitate the harmonization of exam activities among state agencies. The goal is to create familiarity and clarity across agencies and companies for these frequently used IRs. This in turn reduces the burden of interpreting similar IRs from various agencies and makes it easier to maintain updated responses over time. Standard IRs are identified by a permanent “Library ID” number in the system.

Some IRs cannot be associated with your QuickIR response because they are state-specific (i.e., not a standard IR or may appear with a "-" in the Library ID column).

IR ID vs Library ID

The Library ID is what you see in QuickIR and this is the permanent ID for the IR. The IR ID is a unique identifier generated as part of the supervisory activity (SA) and is different for each exam. Both the Library ID and the IR ID can be referenced to communicate with an agency about a specific IR.