Requesting an MRA Due Date Extension

You can request an extension for the due dates of your company’s Matters Requiring Attention (MRA). This sends a notification to the agency to review the request.

About this task

You can request an MRA due date extension even after a supervisory activity has been closed and locked by the agency. The agency can accept or reject your requested due date. They also have the option of entering a new due date for the MRA.

Note: You must be the Company Lead to request an MRA due date extension.


  1. Navigate to your supervisory activity.

    Supervisory Activities button on the Main Menu
  2. Click MRA.
    Select MRA from the Menu Bar
  3. Click View Details icon for the desired MRA.
    Note: You can search the grid by MRA ID. You can also filter the grid by AFR and Associated Findings.
    MRA Details View
  4. Click Request Due Date Extension.
    Request Due Date Extension button
  5. Enter requested due date.
  6. Enter the reason for extension.
  7. Click Request Extension.


The agency is notified and reviews your due date extension request.

Note: The current due date for the MRA remains in effect until the agency reviews and responds to your due date extension request. The Company Lead receives a notification with the agency’s due date extension decision.