Uploading Documents

How to upload documents in SES.

About this task

SES allows you to upload documents in various places throughout a supervisory activity. Use these steps to manually upload documents.

You do not need to use identifiers when naming a file. The system adds identifying attributes to the name of the document when it is uploaded to the system (e.g., the relevant AFR and information request, loan request, or matter requiring attention ID number).

Please note the following restrictions with with regard to file uploads in SES. It is recommended to use a ZIP folder or File Sharing Links when uploading large files or more than 25 files at a time.
  • File formats supported: SES will accept all file formats, but the following commonly supported file types are recommended: PDF, Word®, Excel®, CSV, ZIP
  • Max file size: 1 GB
  • For files larger than 1 GB1:
    • Use ZIP compression to reduce file to less than 1 GB1
    • Split the file into multiple smaller files
    • Use File Sharing Links.
  • Max no. characters per file name: 200
  • Max no. files per upload: 25, for uploads larger than 25 total files:
    1. Upload first 25.
    2. Select the Save Draft option in Available Next Actions then click the Save Draft button.
      Note: You may need to refresh the screen to see that the files have uploaded to the system.
    3. Return to the response screen to upload the next 25 files and repeat.
  • Total no. files: unlimited


  1. Click the Upload button.

    Upload document button
  2. Search for and select your desired files for upload.
    The documents queue up while pending upload.

    Pending document uploads
  3. Click Save Draft or other relevant action in the Available Next Actions to save the form where the documents are being upladed.

    Save Draft Next Available Action button
  4. Return to the form where you were uploading the documents.
  5. Click the Refresh icon to see if the uploaded documents have been processed.

    Refresh document upload icon selection.
    The documents display in a list, available for preview, download, or deletion once they have been processed.

    Screen capture showing the list of uploaded response documents.
1 For documents uploaded to the Interactions tab, the maximum file size is 25 MB.