Enrolling a Company User for Exams or Complaints

To enroll a company onto SES, a new user account must be created for the person at the company who receives examination or complaints correspondence from an agency.

About this task

Any agency user role other than account administrator can initiate company user enrollment.

Note: Users with the Complaint Supervisor and Complaint Manager roles can onboard a company to SES. See SES Agency System Roles & Consumer Complaints Roles for more information.

Before you can send information requests (IRs) to a company in SES, you must initiate User Enrollment. Enrolling a company to SES initiates notifications inviting the company to join the system, so it is best practice to let the company know that they should anticipate emails from SES prior to initiating enrollment. For more information on company enrollment, see Company Enrollment in SES – How it Works.

Figure 1. Company User Enrollment
Figure 2. Video: Enrolling Company Users for Complaints


  1. Click Company Search.

    Company Search button on the SES Main Menu
  2. Enter the information for the company you want to enroll in SES.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Click the SES ID.

    A company's SES ID appears as a hyperlink at the beginning of the row
  5. Click Company User Enrollment in the top right.
    The Company User Enrollment command is located at the top right of the page
    Note: If the Company User Enrollment button does not appear, then the company has already been enrolled in SES by another agency. You can also confirm this if there is an SA Contact or Complaint Contact assigned on the company record page.
  6. Enter required information for the individual at the company who you would normally contact for examination or complaints purposes..
  7. Click Create New User.
    Create New User button


The newly created user receives an email from Okta® instructing him or her to create an Okta® account. The user must also verify the company affiliation when added to SES.

Note: As an agency user of the enrolling agency, you can send a quick reminder notification to the company to complete enrollment if they do not respond to the email from Okta® by clicking the Send Reminder icon.

Once the company completes the enrollment and assignment processes, you will receive a notification of completion.

What to do next

The user should refer to the Company Enrollment in SES – How it Works and Activating Your Okta Account for SES articles for more information.