Data Use and Accessibility

FAQs regarding data use and accessibility.

  • Is any information shared with others, such as states agencies, regulators, and systems?

    Information in the system may be shared with other state agencies. Certain state regulator roles in the system can grant access to certain data to other state regulators.

    Figure 1. Information Sharing in SES
  • Other than the examiner(s) working on the exam, who has access to the exam data?

    The system is supported by the NMLS Call Center. Individuals with a Support User role in the system have view-only access. They have no access to any of the documents uploaded or maintained in the system—either by a company or agency user.

  • How long does the data remain in the system following the completion of the exam?

    Documents and data are handled separately for retention purposes. View our SES Policies for more information.

  • Is any data removed ever from the system?

    No. All information remains in the system.

  • What type of data will be held in the system with AHFCs data?

    The system is designed for state financial exams and is used by multiple states. Data from different exams is saved in the system. The system is not specific to AHFC.