Data Loss Prevention

FAQs regarding data loss prevention.

  • Does CSBS have cyber insurance?

    Yes. CSBS takes all the necessary precautions to ensure the security of its clients’ data is secure, including maintaining cyber insurance.

  • What are contingency plans in place for system outages?

    The system is configured for high availability and uses different AWS availability zones to help reduce the likelihood of a prolonged outage. As a Contingency Plan (CP) is designed to help a company continue operations in the event of a disruption, it is up to each State Regulatory Agency individually to determine the potential business impact and create an appropriate CP.

  • What protocols are in place in the event of a data breach? Is there a process for the site owner to notify states who will then notify us? What is the state’s position on liability if a breach occurs?

    CSBS has an incident response plan in place that has been approved by its board of directors. Actions are coordinated through its breach counsel and with the affected states.

  • Are system backups of the application data performed?

    Yes. System backups of the application data are performed on a regular basis.